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The Apple Weather App is facing downtime on iPhone devices

It seems that some iPhone users are currently experiencing issues with Apple’s Weather app. The problem reportedly began around midnight ET and is still ongoing for many users. The app is either showing no data or displaying outdated weather information that was previously cached.

Although the primary Weather app appears to be malfunctioning for numerous users, the Apple Watch version is still operational. Apple has released a support notification acknowledging that “some users” are experiencing issues with the Weather app’s lack of data. According to the notice, the “next-hour precipitation” may be unavailable in Alaska due to a data provider outage. However, the problem appears to be more widespread than just Alaska. Despite the issues with the Weather app, the precipitation, temperature, and air quality maps are still functional, albeit slow to load.

Apple’s Weather app is facing issues with many users experiencing problems, just a week after Dark Sky briefly returned. In 2020, Apple had acquired Dark Sky and integrated some of its features into the Weather app. However, last week, the Dark Sky app had briefly returned before disappearing again. Some iPhone users have reported sporadic problems with Weather data since the release of the iOS 16.4 update a week ago,.

Apple’s Weather app has seen some improvements with the integration of Dark Sky, but many users still miss the standalone Dark Sky app. Although Apple has added rain alerts, users are unable to customize the alerts for light, medium, or heavy rain, which can be frustrating in countries with frequent rain like England. This issue may be due to Apple being located in California’s Silicon Valley, where rain is infrequent, causing their software engineers to overlook this essential feature from Dark Sky.