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OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite will be sold in the US rebranded as the OnePlus Nord N30

OnePlus recently introduced the Nord CE 3 Lite mid-range smartphone, featuring a 108 MP primary camera and a 5,000 mAh battery with 67W fast charging support. If you’re in the US and intrigued by these specs, there’s good news. A user on the OnePlus forums discovered that the company is preparing to release the same device in the US, but it will be rebranded as the OnePlus Nord N30.

To summarize, the upcoming OnePlus Nord N30 will serve as the successor to the Nord N20 and is expected to feature a larger 120 Hz LCD screen compared to the previous model’s AMOLED display. The device will have a higher resolution 108 MP primary camera, and the fingerprint sensor will be located on the side, embedded in the power button, instead of being placed under the display. Other specifications and features are expected to be similar to the previous model.

It seems that the user on the OnePlus forums was able to uncover information about the OnePlus Nord N30 by analyzing an archive containing software build features files for the Nord CE 3 Lite. These files contained various properties that reveal internal references to the device, its default device name as displayed in the settings menu, and indications of the intended market for the specific build. Based on this information, it appears that OnePlus is preparing to release the Nord CE 3 Lite in the US under the name Nord N30.

What is amply evident is that the OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite and OnePlus Nord N30 are the same devices but marketed under different names in different markets. This is confirmed by an archive of software build feature files, which show that the devices share the same project ID, default device name, and intended markets. The device will not only be available from OnePlus itself in the US but also from T-Mobile, and an FCC ID for the Nord N30 has been discovered in the software, providing additional confirmation of the rebranding.

It will be interesting to see when the Nord N30 will be officially launched in the US and what the pricing will be. Stay tuned for more on this as and when it emerges.

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