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Apple iPhone 8 rumors: 3D face scanners as the standard biometric tool

Fingerprint scanners are passé if Apple has its way with its new 3D face scanning technology. The feature, however, is still a work-in-progress thing, claimed sources that reported the development but chose not to be named.

As per what is known right now, the 3D face scanning feature will have the entire face as the input for authenticating a user. This is also likely to be more secure as the face provides far more data points that the fingertips can ever do.

The whole setup will, however, be required to be fast and efficient for it to emerge as a viable alternative to the already prevalent fingerprint sensors. Ideally, it shouldn’t take longer than a few hundred milliseconds to unlock the phone for the right person. Apple is also expected to use the same 3D face scanning feature to authenticate payments or to provide access to sensitive apps.

Though unconfirmed but sources claimed Apple to be testing the feature to also work from weird angles. That includes, for instance, the ability for the phone to identify the right person even when lying on the table and not placed directly in front of the user’s face. Surrounding lighting conditions too is needed to be factored in to ensure the system works in different scenarios.

Apple is reported to be actively toying with the idea of integrating the 3D face scanning feature in its upcoming anniversary iPhone 8 versions. There is no confirmation if that indeed is how things are shaping up with the iPhone 8 version. Of course, Apple will have to be doubly sure of its efficacy given how reliable fingerprint sensors have evolved to be off late; so much that it even is used to authenticate online payments.

Samsung’s latest S8 too features an iris scanner as a biometric authentication tool. Unfortunately, the same has gone for a lot of negative publicity given how users were able to trick the feature using printed images of the user. To prevent any of that, Apple’s 3D face scanning feature will come with 3D depth perception. This is believed to enable it to prevent being duped by 2D images.

There have been a few leaked images of the upcoming iPhone 8 that has emerged online. Such images have depicted the entire front to have the display, save for a minor cut out at the top to allow for the placement of front cams and other sensors.

No dedicated fingerprint sensors are to be seen, which makes us to conclude either that has been accommodated beneath the front display or has been done away with altogether. Now, with reports of Apple working on 3D face scanning feature, maybe that will serve as the standard biometric tool replacing the fingerprint sensors as a whole.