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Trump reveals Apple’s plans to set up three plants in the US

Apple has drawn up ambitious plans to set up three manufacturing plants in the US in future. The revelation to this effect, however, came from President Trump though no other details were forthcoming, except that those will be ‘big, big, big’.

As such, there is no information when or where the new plants would be coming up, or which of Apple products they would be manufacturing. The scale of the new plants too is anybody’s guess right now, as there is no mention how much is going to be invested or how many would be getting direct employment in those plants.

The development can be seen as a major victory for Trump’s much publicized pro-American business policies where he envisaged domestic companies set up manufacturing in the country to help revive the economy. This also happens to be a major plank that Trump based his entire presidential campaign on, that of reviving the domestic manufacturing sector while discouraging companies from setting up bases elsewhere in the world.

Currently, the bulk of almost all of Apple products is manufactured in China and Taiwan.

Apple, on its part, has declined to comment on the statement but had stated back in May about plans to create a $1 billion fund that will be used to invest in the US. He also talked about how the Americans can also be involved in bolstering the Apple ecosystem by actually teaching them computer programing, thereby enabling them to create apps.

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Interestingly, Apple CEO Tim Cook is also known to be an open critic for Trump’s often controversial policies. The Cupertino company also figured prominently in Trump’s election campaigns wherein he criticized the firm for setting up bases in China. Trump had then stated it would be one of his goals to convince Apple to set up a ‘big’ manufacturing plant in America if elected. For now, Trump seems to have kept to his pre-poll promises.

Meanwhile, Taiwan based Foxconn that happens to be Apple’s biggest overseas manufacturing partner to has evinced active interest in setting up a plant in the US, with Wisconsin likely to be the site under consideration.