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YouTube Premium comes with new features, some exclusive to iOS

YouTube, the video-sharing platform, has recently made an announcement that is sure to delight its Premium subscribers. It has added five new features to its Premium service that are designed to enhance the user experience. Although these features are not currently available across all platforms, they are sure to make watching videos on YouTube even more enjoyable.

The first feature, called ‘1080p Premium,’ offers users better video quality with enhanced bitrate. This feature will make videos look “extra crisp and clear,” particularly in videos that have “lots of detail and motion.” This new video quality option will soon be available alongside the standard 1080p video quality option in YouTube’s iOS app. While it is only available for iPhones at the moment, Google has announced that it will soon be coming to the web, too.

The second feature allows users to queue videos on their smartphones or tablets. If there is a video playing on your phone and you would like the app to start playing another one automatically after this one ends, you can add it to the queue. This feature has been available on the web for quite some time now and it is good to see the same making it to the mobile platforms as well.

The third feature is exclusive to iOS users and allows them to watch YouTube videos together while they are on FaceTime calls by leveraging Apple’s SharePlay feature. This feature is already available on Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets for quite some time now through Google Meet Live Sharing.

The fourth feature is an option that most people would find extremely useful. It enables YouTube Premium users to start watching videos where they previously left off. The best part about this feature is that it works between various types of devices. For example, if you leave a video in the middle on your smartphone, YouTube will give you the option to resume the video from the same point on your tablet or TV.

The last feature, called ‘Smart Downloads,’ automatically downloads recommended videos on your device so that you can enjoy them even when you go offline unplanned. While this feature could be useful for a few people, it will definitely be a storage hog for users who have limited free space on their devices.

Although not all these features are currently available on both Android and iOS platforms, YouTube has promised that they will be available soon. While the ‘1080p Premium’ feature is only available for iOS users at the moment, it should be available for Android soon. These features are sure to enhance the YouTube experience for its Premium subscribers, making it even more enjoyable and convenient to watch videos on the platform.