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Menfolk AirDropping x-rated images to women in the New York Subway

Apple’s AirDrop feature has found a new application that the iPhone maker had perhaps never perceived before. It is about men flashing images of their penis to unsuspecting co-passengers in the New York subway.

The above is, of course, a nefarious offshoot of what the AirDrop feature has really been designed for; that of sharing files with other in close vicinity. However, the real advantage with AirDrop is that the sent files does not occupy space on the receiving device.

Apple has also ensured the feature is as convenient as it can be. All you need to do is select a document or image and hit share followed by selecting the person whom you wish to share with. There are no lengthy set-up processes to be followed for either the sending or receiving devices. What’s more, the sent files are also encrypted, which means no one else but only the receiver will have an inkling of what the message contains.

No wonder all of the above has turned out to be the biggest bane for women passengers of the New York subway. There are many who said they hit the receive button out of curiosity but never suspected they would be treated with close up high-resolution images of men’s private parts.

There are ways the menace can be tackled though. For instance, there is the feature where you can set your device visibility to just about anyone around you. Other options include only your contacts will have access to your device, or you can invoke the ‘Receiving Off’ option that will make your device invisible to everybody.

However, not all are aware of the various options that can be reached via the settings tab, leading to confusion among women. Under the circumstances, ‘Receiving Off’ is desirable if you rarely receive files via the AirDrop feature. Otherwise, ‘Contacts Only’ can be the next best solution as that way, you will be programmed to received files from only those who are already present in your contact list. That way, you can always track down if anything untoward is sent to you.