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New Samsung T5 is the king of portable SSDs

Samsung’s ‘T’ series of portable SSD has a new member in the form of the T5, and it is already winning accolades thanks to its svelte design and chart topping performance. Of course, the looks wouldn’t have mattered that much had the thing faltered in performance, and the new T5 portable SSD simply excels on that count.

To begin with, the new T5 boasts of a data transfer speed of 540 MB per second and comes with the second generation USB 3.1 interface. That means there is enough bandwidth to make the most of the flash memory speed. That said, the SSD also comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable as well to ensure the memory is compatible with older hardware with legacy USB slots.

The T5 is available in two versions characterized by distinct color shades. So there is the ‘Alluring Blue’ that comes in storage options of 250 GB and 500 GB. Similarly, there is the more spacious variety offering 1 TB and 2 TB of storage and comes in ‘Deep Black’.

Portability of the device happens to be another strong point in favor of the device. Measuring just about the same size as a business card and weighing 51 grams, the T5 is never a chore to lug around all of your data that you might ever need.

Security of your data should never be a worry too given that the SSD is compliant with AES 256-bit hardware encryption.

Besides, there is also the provision to password protect your data as well for additional security.

Coming to price, and which happens to be another nice aspect with the T5, the rage starts at just $129.99. That much of your hard earned money will fetch you the entry level 250 GB model while the model with twice the storage, that is the 500 B model will set one back $199.99. Thereafter, the price is measured in terabytes, with the 1 TB model coming for $399.99 while the 2 TB model commanding $799.99.

On the whole, the T5 is the SSD to have for most occasions. It might not be the best out there in terms of outright performance but is right up there with a combination of factors such as affordability, design, and performance of course.