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Apple owes up to Watch Series 3 cellular connectivity issues

Apple confirms the presence of connectivity glitch in Series 3 watch. The company also stated they are working on a fix but provided no timeline when the same would be made available.

Elaborating further, Apple said the watch works fine but seems to run into some issues with its connectivity when it joins an unauthenticated Wi-Fi network without a connection. The watch would then have a problem establishing a connection with a cellular network.

The integrated LTE feature happens to be one of the most publicised features of the Apple Watch Series 3, one that will let it function autonomously. This marks a radical departure from its predecessors that required tethering to an iPhone for their operations.

So anyone wearing an Apple Watch was also required to carry along their iPhone devices as well. A logical coupling that sure is but the new Series 3 Watch opened up newer possibilities given that the user no longer required carrying along their iPhone just to keep their Watch functional.

The Series 3 Watch too came with enough modifications to enable it to function independent of the iPhone. That includes its ability to make or receive phone calls directly off the watch itself. You also get to see all messages or other notifications you get on your phone.

The Watch Series 3 also boasts of great fitness tracking abilities and comes with a barometric altimeter as well. This will let you keep track of how many steps you have climbed and deduce how many calories you have burned in the process. Also, of course, it can keep a close watch of your heartbeat as well.

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All of these no doubt are incredible for a watch strapped around wrists to accomplish though the battery still needs to be seriously improved for any practical, real-life usage of the device. Also, at $399, it isn’t exactly cheap either but is definiely better than anything the competition has to offer.

Apple has launched the latest in the smartwatch series during its historic September 12 event with shipping slated to begin soon.