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Oculus Go priced at $199 is the first standalone VR headset for the masses

Oculus has just come up with a new VR headset which it also claims to be among the cheapest of its class. Named Oculus Go, the biggest USP of the headset is its standalone feature, which in other words translates to its capability to function independently without requiring tethering to a smartphone or computer. All of this while priced at just $199.

This, as Mark Zuckerberg said will also be the primary means of reaching his goal, that of inducting a billion users to VR. The cheapest headset that the company so far had on offer is the Gear VR. However, while the Gear VR is priced conveniently at $129, it still requires a smartphone for its operations.

At the higher end of the spectrum is the Rift that has all the bell and whistles but also costs higher at $499. However, the biggest drawback with the Rift is that it requires tethering to a high-end PC for it to deliver.

It is here that Zuckerberg believes lays the biggest draw with the Oculus Go, its standalone feature. That naturally leads to more mobility and freedom while allowing users to soak into the content with all the liberty that they can dream of. Be it games, movies or just hanging around with friends, VR will never be the same with Oculus Go.


Oculus said it isn’t just about being standalone or a low price that counts with the new Oculus Go as a lot of care has gone into the making of the headset as well. That includes the use of a special fabric for the facial interface that makes it equally soft as well as breathable. The entire design has also been made lightweight as well.

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The Oculus Go also boasts of new lenses and a 2560 x 1440 resolution LCD screen that ensures a more immersive experience. Spatial audio is built into the headset though there always is the provision to go for a 3.5 mm headphone should one look for a more intimate listening experience.


As revealed by Oculus, another positive aspect with the Oculus Go is its compatibility with standard Gear VR apps. This has been made possible by keeping the controller set common for both the headset units.

The Oculus Go development kits will go live by November while the headsets are slated to hit store shelves by early 2018.