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Google says Pixel 2 XL screen burn-in issues are normal, extends warranty to 2 years

Google has come out with an official response since the Pixel 2 XL screen burn-in issues began surfacing; terming it to be a differential aging process that again is normal to OLED screens. Google also stated the differential aging process should not affect the ‘normal, day-to-day user experience of the Pixel 2 XL’ given that it is perfectly in line with how other premium smartphones perform.

The Mountain View company also assured there would be updates pushed in future that would further enhance the POLED experience while preventing the burn-in scenario as well. Future updates would also seek to enhance the life of the OLED panel to allow for trouble free viewing for years to come.

So far as color saturation is concerned that too has gone for some critical evaluation, Google said that can be enhanced by making changes with the display settings. The phones already provide the option to enhance colors by 10 percent which should allow for a richer viewing experience. Here too a software update is being promised in future that would introduce a new mode that should make the display look more vivid and rich.

Meanwhile, Google also announced the warranty coverage of the Pixel 2 range is being increased to 2 years. This would apply to all Pixel 2 devices sold anywhere in the world so far. The Preferred Care program will, however, remain unchanged.

Google had introduced the Pixel 2 phones around the beginning of this month though trouble started brewing within weeks of its launch. The Pixel 2 XL became the first target of the critics where the 6-inch POLED panel began to be rapped for its lacklustre display. Soon there came reports of screen burn-in that greyed out almost a third of the display at the bottom, making it almost impossible to make out the original contents of the screen.

That is not all as the smaller Pixel 2 has also come for some negative publicity thanks to its tendency to make a ticking noise at times. Then there is also another sound emitted during calls, all of which sums up the list of things that the Pixel 2 device shouldn’t be doing.

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However, with Google getting into the damage control act, let’s hope things get remedied soon enough, and the device shapes up to be the iPhone 8/8Plus or the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus competitor that its makers hope it to be.