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Sundar Pichai joins the Cheeseburger emoji debate, promises to settle things soon

The humble cheeseburger emoji has racked up an unprecedented storm, the likes of which seems to have even stumped Google CEO Sundar Pichai who Tweeted they would ‘drop everything else’ to get it right.

All of it started when author Thomas Baekdal tweeted how the placement of ingredients differed in the Apple and Google versions of the cheeseburger emoji. Baekdal called for creating a common consensus regarding the placement of the cheese with respect to the burger, whether it should be placed underneath the burger or on top of it.

A subsequent research of the cheeseburger emoji from other tech firms like Samsung or Microsoft puts Google’s version in sharp contrast – that of the burger placed on top of the cheese while for every other firm, it is the reverse that is true. There are also good reasons for placing the cheese on top of the meat as the same when melted keep the burger moist and luscious.

Meanwhile, those joining the Twitter debate seem to have found similar shortcomings in the cheeseburger emoji of other companies as well. For instance, the Facebook version has been found lacking on sesame seeds on top. Similarly, the order of placement of other ingredients like tomato, lettuce and such has also gone for much scrutiny. So Apple and Samsung are also being pulled up for their allegedly faulty placement of lettuce in their respective emoji.

However, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay whose opinion on the matter is also being discussed seems to have a completely different take on the subject. As per Ramsay, the order of placement of the ingredients should be ban, tomato, patty, cheese, lettuce followed by the bun again. This again lends some credibility to the Google’s version of the emoji so far as the cheese and meat is concerned.

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It is also interesting to see how Google chief executive Sundar Pichai has reacted to the entire issue, promising to leave everything they have on their hands right now to settle the cheeseburger emoji debate. That, of course, has been said in a light vein though it really feels nice to see even the head of the company taking such trivial matters to heart, besides promising to settle things as well.