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Apple says iPhone X exhibits burn-in, terms it normal with OLED screens

Apple has said the iPhone X might suffer from some screen burn-in issues which the company said is perfectly normal with OLED displays. In fact, the new iPhone X might also exhibit some unevenness with the colors as well when viewed from certain angles, another phenomenon that Apple said is a commonly known issue of OLED panels.

Apple made these revelations in its support pages for the iPhone X display though it is not known what effect it would have on the warranty claims of the device. With Apple considering such display issues to be normal, those won’t likely be entertained as valid reasons for seeking a replacement or making warranty claims.

Apple also suggested some measure which it said will ensure better performance of the OLED panels. These include maintaining shorter intervals for keeping a static image displayed while the brightness is set to the maximum. Apple said the brightness should be reduced if it is at all necessary to keep an image displayed for a sufficiently long time, such as when the same is required by an app.

Apple has however stated the iPhone X comes with the best OLED panels that have ever gone in the making of a smartphone. Unfortunately, that does not refer to any revolutionary new display panels for the iconic iPhone variant. Rather, the panel in question happens to be a Samsung development which Apple has used for clamping on the iPhone X.

All of the above meanwhile brings to focus another high profile smartphone – Google Pixel 2 that too is suffering from similar burn-in problems. However, unlike the iPhone X, the display on the Pixel 2 happens to be a POLED panel made by LG.

Google too has termed the burn-in issue to be a normal process associated with OLED and has doubled the warranty terms on its smartphones to address buyer’s concerns with the phone. The Mountain View company also stated there would be software updates issued shortly to ensure the display works to the optimum each time.

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For those not in the knowing, burn-in is a phenomenon where faint remnants of the previous image gets retained in the display even after the image has changed. In extreme cases, as has been reported with a particular Pixel 2 XL, the burn-in was so severe that the contents of the display were barely visible. There haven’t been any reports of screen burn-in of any iPhone X so far.