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New Google Maps color cheat sheet

Google Maps has been given a overhaul which makes the already accomplished mapping application, even more, user friendly and feature rich. All of which, the company believes will help highlight the precise information that you might like to have at that point of time.

For instance, there will be a new adaptive display feature for Explore, Driving and Transit modes to display information that applies to the particular mode of travel. For instance, the driving mode will more likely be displaying refueling points or breakdown service locations than anything else.

Similarly, there will be info like train stations, bus stops and such that will pop up when in transit mode and so on. In the same vein, entertainment joints and other points of interest will most likely be shown in explore mode.

The latest update also adds a new coloring scheme so that objects of the same type can be identified by a unique color. Take for instance restaurants or drinking spots, and they have all been associated with the color orange. This again helps sort things out better as all orange spots will henceforth be identified with food and drinks in some form or the other.

Google Maps Color Cheat Sheet

Apart from Food and Drink, the other categories that the information is categories into including Shopping, Health, Entertainment/Leisure, Services, Civil Services/Worship, Outdoor, and Transport. Also, each have their own icon done in a uniquely identifiable color.

Among the other new features that the latest update comes with include the ability to upload user’s own images for a particular place that they might be visiting. This can be done right from the phone itself and will be saved in the user’s Picasa account under the folder ‘Photos for Google Maps.’


Google said the new update would be rolling out to devices worldwide in the next few weeks’ time. The update applies to both the mobile and desktop version of the app before pilfering down to all the apps and services that use Google Maps.