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Facebook launches Creators App to take on YouTube

Facebook has introduced a new app which it hopes will serve as a magnet for video creators to upload more videos on its platform. Named the Facebook Creators App, the app is being touted as a one-stop solution for all that users will ever need to create and upload more videos.

Among the key new features that the Facebook Creators app comes with include Camera & Stories that will let creators access to different camera effects as well as frames to spruce up their videos. Similarly, the Live Creators Kit as well that the creators can use to add intro and outro to their videos, along with custom live stickers that also serves as the place where viewers can put in their views and such.

Then, of course, there is the Community tab as well which will serve as the placeholder to hold comments from fans and collaborators. Then there is the Insights feature as well that will display key metrics related to the video.

Besides the host of new features and tools, users can also look forward to the new Facebook Creators section on the social media site where users can look forward to tips and tutorials as well as other support that they might need to create new videos.

The Creators app is, however, an iOS exclusive at the moment, with the social media company saying the Android version would be launched in a few months’ time. The app is however accessible via Facebook Pages. Similarly, those already engaged in creating original videos or shows for Facebook Watch will also be able to log into the Creators app as well.

Also, as should already be perceptible by now, the new Creators app marks a renewed effort on part of Facebook to take on YouTube, the current most dominant app for videos. The social media giant had earlier launched Watch which is aimed at hosting shows created by individuals or groups. Also, of course, there is the lure of the money with Facebook elaborating on ways to make money out of the videos with thoughtful use of ads.

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Now with the Creators app, Facebook hopes to emerge as an attractive destination for the developers to create videos and share on its platform. It is not known though if the same monetizing policy that applies to Watch will hold for the new Creators app as well though it seems it will. Or maybe there will be a different ad scheme applicable to the Creators app.