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Proposed new reversible emojis expected to launch around fall of next year

It seems the animoji won’t be the only major makeover to be seen with the humble emoji. For next in line is reversible emojis that can also be exciting as well.

According to new guidelines that the Unicode Consortium has come up with, the static emojis of yore that always faced a fixed direction so far will now be made to turn the other way round as well. However, all of it is still a work-in-progress thing and would depend on whether device vendors such as Apple and others are game for it.

It will also be on the vendors to decide which emojis will be reversible on their respective devices if at all they’d like it that way. Users will be able to reverse the direction the emojis are facing now only when they have the option to do so.

Also, things aren’t likely to be anywhere close to reality on this anytime soon as the first lot of reversible emojis are expected only towards fall 2018. Unicode Consortium is anyways likely to launch its next set of emojis by that time, and those can be made reversible if vendors give the nod. If that is how things work out, we might have the first lot of about a hundred reversible emojis by next fall.

That said, the reversible emojis can’t be seen to be too big a deal compared to the animated emoji or animoji that Apple has introduced with its iPhone X device. What makes the animoji so special is that users can lend their own emotions to the emoji, with the recipients having the feel of it being actually the sender who is in the guise of the emoji.

It is this that makes the animojis to be the most significant change the static emojis have ever had so far. In fact, with animoji, the emoji won’t ever be static. Rather they would act as a template, and the same can be used in countless different ways, making them look different each time.

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With reversible emojis, they would still be different but only slightly so. Essentially, it just allows the user to change the direction the emoji faces and nothing much else. Those will still be static and remain the same in its newly aligned state.