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Google launches 3 new photo apps as part of its Appsperiments program

Google has launched a bunch of new apps all targeted at the photography sector. Specifically, its three apps that are on offer and are named Storyboard, Selfissimo!, and Scrubbies, each of which Google said forms part of what the company calls as part of its new ‘Appsperiments’ program.

Explaining further, Google said the apps had been derived from technologies that are still in development though the company chose to launch apps based on it already. However, Google also stated the supporting technology will continue to be improved upon, which means there is ample scope for the current apps to improve further in future.

Coming to each app, Storyboard can well be considered as sort of a comics-making app in that it can turn a video into a comic layout comprising of six shots. The individual images do remind us of the Prisma app with Storyboard creating six separate Prisma-like shots each depicting a particular sequence of the video. Users will have to refresh the app to create a new layout according to the progress of the video.

The app is available only on the Android platform.

Next is the Selfissimo!. That sure is a weird name for anything including an app though what is amply clear is that the app is selfie focussed, but with a twist. Once the app is started, it will wait for the user to pose, snapping the picture during the precise moment. Once the user has moved and taken on a different pose, it will snap again.

The central idea behind the Selfissimo! App is to let the users snap a series of back to back selfies at one go. And for this to happen, it will snap each time the user poses and will stop once the user start moving. No wonder this is aimed purely at the selfie addicts and a sizeable portion of smartphone users happen to be just that. There is one catch though, it will only shoot black and white picture though given that the technology is still being worked upon, future builds of the app can be expected to be color ready.

Selfissimo! is available to both Android and iOS users.

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Lastly, there is the Scrubbies which can let users create remixes of videos just by swiping on them, or as Google wishes to explain, ‘scratching it like a D.J.’. In effect, the user will have the option to change the direction and speed of a particular video clip to create looping effect. That it is done using the fingers makes it mighty simple so that the clip once played back will let users have the feel of having created something different out of the base video.

Scrubbies incidentally is exclusive to iOS at the moment.

Google has been keen to let users have varied and fun things to do with the increasingly efficient cameras that smartphones have come to be equipped with of late. Last year it had launched the Motion Still app to ensure video shots are less shaky though the same has since been integrated in the Google Photos app subsequently.