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Twitter makes tweetstorms official with new Threads feature

Tweetstorms is now an official Twitter feature after being in the making for some time now. Named Threads, users will henceforth be able to club together related tweets to form a string all of which relates to a single issue or subject.

This way, there would be a sort of neatness introduced in the homepage as users won’t have to search for related tweets from the sea of tweet feeds. Instead, all of those will be there to be seen in a single place. As Twitter revealed, the first two tweets in the series would be displayed in the timeline. The remaining tweets in the thread will become visible once the ‘show this thread’ button is tapped on.

Threads, however, isn’t altogether a new feature addition as the same has already been available in Twitter for long, though unofficially. Users then had to resort to other ways of grouping tweets, which includes retweet, hashtag or using @ mention. Not anymore as with Threads, there is now a ‘+’ sign that users can tap on to make a new tweet. There seems no limit at present to using the same process to add a new tweet. Once it’s done, users will have to hit the tweet button, and all of those will go live.

Editing an existing thread is also easy as users will also be equally easy. Users just have to hit on the ‘add another tweet’ button, and there will be the option to further add to the thread. While users have been using threads for something, Twitter perhaps felt the need to make it an official feature for the site during the 2016 US presidential elections. Use of tweetstorms rose wildly as the 140 character limit then in place was awfully less than what was needed to reflect one’s views and thoughts, more so when others joined the discussions.

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Worth mentioning, it has just been months that Twitter has finally revoked its once famous 140 character limit, doubling it to 280 instead. However, with anyone having the ability to join the discussion in a thread, there seems no end to the other most complained issue with Twitter, that of trolling. It remains to be seen if it takes on a new dimension even though Twitter has said they have initiated a series of measures to tackle the trolling menace.