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AmazonTube could be Amazon’s answer to Google’s YouTube

Amazon might be lining up a competitor to Google’s YouTube in the form of AmazonTube, a term that the retail giant has recently been found to apply a trademark for. The timing of filing the trademark application too seems to have more to it than might seem given the ongoing tirade between Amazon and Google over accessing YouTube on Fire TV.

Apart from the term AmazonTube, other terms that Amazon has filed for a trademark include OpenTube. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that Amazon is being linked to starting an online video service as there were also rumors early this year of it launching a free version of its Prime Video service as well.

Amazon then had categorically ruled out such a possibility but might be exploring other options given the ongoing feud with Google. As of now, YouTube remains off bound for Echo Show. A similar fate awaits users of Fire TV where YouTube is slated to go off air starting Jan. 1. Amazon, however, has been owning the amazontube.com domain since as far back as 1998.

Google has justified its act claiming a violation of terms of use by Amazon. It also accuses the retail giant of not listing its devices such as Chromecast and Next products on its retail site. Similarly, Google is also not pleased with Amazon continuing to ignore casting technology which forms the basis of operation of the Chromecast streaming units.

Amazon meanwhile is yet to comment on the entire development though all of this comes on the backdrop of the company resuming sales of rival streaming units. Amazon and Google are also believed to be in talks to iron out their differences as well, including keeping YouTube accessible to Fire TV users.

Amazon is back to offering Apple TV and Google Chromecast on its retail site

As such, it could be too early to predict what could be cooking at the Amazon camp on this. While a video service on the lines of YouTube won’t be too outlandish for Amazon to foray into, it might also be a ploy to prevent Google from withdrawing access to YouTube for Echo Show devices or Fire TV subscribers from Jan. 1