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New set of 157 emoji set for fall debut on our devices

The mobile user community is at this moment forewarned, there is an emoji deluge coming our way. To be specific, there are 157 new emoji that are slated to join our emoji list during the second half of the year.

The announcement to this effect comes from the Unicode Consortium, a group that helps create open standards to facilitate seamless usage of services and features irrespective of the platform the user is tied to. So whether it is a Windows device, iOS or Android, the Unicode Consortium ensures the emoji looks just the same with no distortions or changes to be seen.

The new emoji will form part of Unicode 11 that is slated for a June roll-out. That makes it ready for their debut on user’s devices at around August or September. That also happens to be the time of the year when Apple or Google announces major revisions to their OS, thereby making it best to include the new emoji as well.

In fact, that also explains the delay it takes for the emoji to reach end users as it up to the individual manufacturers to integrate the emoji onto their respective platforms. In other words, it is now up to the likes of Apple, Microsoft, and Google and so on to integrate the codes in the software powering their operating systems. So be it websites, devices or any of their services, like a chatting interface or whatever, the new emoji will look the same.

As for the new emoji in the offing, well it is going to be a varied platter in the making. That includes the likes of a woman superhero which essentially is a woman dressed up as a superman. Then there also is a red-haired woman with a light skin tone while another man is having a dark skin tone but with curly hairs.

Proposed new reversible emojis expected to launch around fall of next year

There is a pirate’s flag as well, as does a mosquito or even a lobster. Traditionally, there should be an emoji to suit every aspect of our lives, and the new additions should take care of that admirably well. Users will be better placed to let others know what they are up to just with an emoji instead of having to type them specifically.