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Apple Park is strictly off bounds for visitors citing confidentiality clause

Apple has ruled out casual visits to the inside of its new Apple Park campus claiming it is not a tourist spot where eager enthusiasts can visit to explore the place. Instead, it is designed to be the main nerve center of all things Apple and hence, is likely to hold a lot of proprietary stuff that is in the best interest of Apple to keep off of prying eyes.

Apple has only recently opened the new spaceship building named Apple Park. But that, of course, isn’t a park in the truest sense of the term. However, the company fears allowing visitors unrestricted access to the interiors of the campus might leak confidential stuff that the place holds.

That the place will have lots of confidential stuff is only natural considering that it would serve as the epicenter of Apple’s activities in the days to come. That includes designs of future products as well as a horde of technology that would go in the making of its forthcoming devices.

Cook has been responding to a shareholder’s query who asked when they will be allowed inside the new Apple Campus. The CEO’s reply has been quick and short but to the point, saying that’s never going to happen given the vital secrets the place holds.

Apple’s head designer Jony Ive have gone a step ahead and claimed the new Apple Park as their ‘home’. He also said any criticism for not allowing shareholders to tour the inside of the building as ‘utterly bizarre’.

Apple does have a visitor’s center though which stands right across the street, which is the nearest that visitors can get to the famed Apple Park. The place also has its own attraction which includes a scale model of the Apple Park that visitors can experience in AR. That again can be animated using an iPad Camera, which can be another reason for users to visit the place with their iPads.

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Apart from all of Apple’s products and services, the visitor’s center will also have on offer Apple merchandise like t-shirts or even baby wear that will only be available in the place.

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