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Japanese scientists develop new stretchable display that people can actually wear on their skin

Researchers in Japan have come up with a unique display and health monitoring technology that makes the panels to actually stick to the human skin, besides displaying vital health parameters as well.

The other unique aspect of the innovative new tech is its stretch ability, which coupled to its ultra-thin design makes the device to be worn on the skin with perfect ease. Scientists at the University of Tokyo and Dai Nippon Printing that perfected the technology claimed the device to be perfectly skin friendly as well, with tests so far revealed no inflammation or other adverse side effects from wearing the device even for prolonged periods, say seven days at the most.

The display, in reality, comprises of 16 x 24 micro LEDs interwoven by stretchable wiring. All of it is in turn placed on a rubber sheet so that the entire device is no more than just a millimeter thick. The device can be plastered on the skin and can be connected to the ECG to reveal real-time heart conditions.

Professor Takao Someya who led the research said such a device is primarily aimed at the healthcare sector alone, which means it isn’t designed to show smartphone notifications or other news as one might be tempted to believe. Rather, it would serve as a medical aid with the device showing vital health statistics that otherwise would have required the patient to depend on external gadgets.

The device also comes integrated with a wireless communication module that would enable the device to store health data directly to the cloud or any external device. Similarly, the same can also enable the device to be sent directly to the medical professionals to allow for immediate response in case of an emergency.

The device could be especially helpful for the elderly as they can be rest assured of being constantly being in touch with the doctors even if they aren’t in the close vicinity. The invention is all the more relevant in Japan that is home to one of the largest congregation of an elderly population. Meanwhile, those living in remote areas can also be rest assured of getting the best medical help with such devices.

Also, while the system is being envisioned for use in the healthcare sector, the same can be equally applicable in just about any sector that requires the users to be in constant touch with their mentors. For instance, sports trainers can keep constant watch over the trainees and so on. Similarly, laborers too can take instruction from their masters while on work. On the whole, the new tech can be adapted for use in several other segments ranging from sports, education, business, or even military applications.

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However, all of that isn’t expected to happen overnight. For as Prof Someya said, it could still be three years for the device to actually be ready for a market debut.