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BlackBerry’s premium Android phone Ghost would be an India exclusive

There is a new BlackBerry phone in the making, one that will likely be named Ghost. That sure might sound an interesting name for a smartphone though that is exactly what Evan Blass who first broke the story claimed the phone would be so named.

Further details of the Ghost are lacking at the moment though Blass did have an image of the said device to share.

What is known though is that it would be aimed at the premium segment and that it will incorporate a bezel-less design, besides being exclusive to the Indian market as well.

The accompanying image does make the device look alluring, what with the front entirely made up of the screen. However, there does exist a slot for the earpiece at the top with the front cam opening on the left of it. However, it is not known if the Ghost will be bezel-less in the truest sense of the term or will follow in the steps of other Android flagships.

The latter would mean negligible bezel along the sides while the same along the top and bottom would be reduced to just the bare minimum. It shouldn’t be surprising if the new BlackBerry Ghost eventually follows the same design language as the likes of the S9 given that is the nearest that current technological advancements allow for a bezel-less phone. Unless of course if the company has new technology to integrate the front cam and other sensors under the display.

Also, it being aimed at the premium segment, it would also perhaps be safe to assume the device would be built around a Snapdragon 845 chipset with say a 4 or 6 GB RAM accompanying it. Storage could be starting at 64 GB for the entry-level model with multiples of it in the higher versions. The image also reveals rounded sides and corners for the Ghost with the device as a whole being quite slim as well.

Further, the Ghost would be made in reality by the Indian firm Optiemus Infracom that holds the license to sell and support BlackBerry products in the country. The license is also valid for Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal, which could be the only other countries where the Ghost would be sold. In other regions of the world, the Chinese firm TCL holds the right to sell BlackBerry devices.