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Samsung AR emoji vs Apple Animoji

AR emoji happens to be a cool new feature that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S9 and S9+. No points for guessing it also is in response to the Animoji feature Apple introduced with the iPhone X.

However, while both the company’s take on emoji are seemingly similar, there does exist some key differences between the two. To begin with, both Animoji and AR emoji can enliven any conversation like no other. That’s because both make the user to lend their character to the emoji.

But then, the way that is done is not the same. Apple’s approach is inarguably more tech-intensive in that it uses an array of front-facing camera and sensors to make a more accurate map of the user’s face. It is done in 3D and tracks a movement of muscles in at least 50 points on the person’s face.

All of that info is then mapped onto existing emoji so that those inherit key characteristics of the user, so much that even a horse, a dog or even the poo begin to resemble the user. That surely has been the best makeover that the humble and life-less emoji has ever had, not to mention it also made for a smart new way to see AR getting applied to our lives like never before.


So far so good but Samsung seemed to have other ideas, one that seems to be a lot more simple but equally impressive. For AR emoji, the front-facing camera creates a 2D map of the user’s face as well as the body and turns the same into an emoji. That is quite unlike Apple’s approach as with AR emoji, the user itself becomes the emoji.

The other differences vis-a-vis Animoji are that Samsung relies on a 2D map of the user to create the emoji whereas Apple relies on a more accurate 3D map of the user. Also, while Animoji only focuses on the face, AR emoji can use the user’s body features as well.

Samsung also provides for a plethora of customization options with the AR emoji. That ranges from glasses, skin tone, and hair style to even the wardrobe. That way, the same AR emoji can have official looks for the weekdays and a more funky look for the weekends.

Also, what good will be the AR emoji if users don’t get to share it with those that matter? Samsung has ensured users can go about doing it with ease in which the AR emoji can be shared via the standard Samsung keyboard itself. What’s more, those can be shared to all irrespective of the device they might be using.

The above is also unlike Apple’s approach with its Animoji in that it can be shared within iMessages. Sure it can be shared via other social channels but only as a gif.

AR emoji looks like cartoonish avatar of a user but there is enough room for it to mature with more customizations and face mapping. The real-life application of the same did look impressive from the way it was shown off during the launch event.

Do share your views on Samsung’s latest emoji stunt against Apple’s animoji.