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WhatsApp co-founder rooting for deleting Facebook

Facebook might have severed all ties with Cambridge Analytica though the after effects continue to linger on. And some including WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton have even suggested deleting Facebook as a whole to restore order amid the ongoing mess.

Interestingly, Facebook happens to be the current owners of WhatsApp, having bought it in 2014 for $19 billion. Acton has since snapped ties with the messaging company even though the other co-founder, Jan Koum continues heading the messaging platform.

Facebook had earlier stated its policy to uphold user’s privacy at all costs remain unchanged. It is this that had prompted the company to remove all connections with Cambridge Analytica and SSL though that was not before details of 50 million Facebook users have already been compromised.

To make matters worse for the social media giant, Cambridge Analytica also happens to be the same firm that is believed to have helped Donald Trump wins the 2015 US Presidential elections. Facebook has been under investigations since then, and the latest episode isn’t helping its cause any further.

A few other former Facebook executives Sean Parker, Justin Rosenstein, and investor Roger McNamee too have expressed their reservations about the company and how it can pose a security risk for its users. The issues aren’t with the security of Facebook’s servers as the amount of information already visible on the site in itself can be enough for mischief makers to get along with their tasks.

All of this also brings to fore privacy issues of Facebook users like never before. And this could be the right time to set things right to prevent apps stealing data that users would prefer not to share with others.

That includes being aware of the sort of permission being granted to the apps, and ticking those things off that seem suspicious. Keeping a tab of the Facebook privacy setting too is important as it governs the sort of things that others get to see about the user. Similarly, the ad settings too can be manipulated to govern which of your details Facebook is authorized to see to serve you ads.

All of these are often sidestepped in the zeal to get online and get along with friends or family though the security implications of it can be far reaching. Worse still, users aren’t likely to be aware of the mess after it has reached huge proportions.