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Why quitting Facebook is not easy

Facebook has grown to become the biggest social media company in the world since it came into being in 2004. That is no mean feat, and its goal of connecting people is indeed commendable. So far so good though there is a section that is worried the company might well have outgrown its own size, so much that it can even pose serious security and privacy risks to its own users.

No wonder the latest episode of Cambridge Analytica getting access to millions of Facebook user’s data has brought to focus one more time of the severity of the issue. And that already is on top of the ongoing investigations about how the social media was misused to influence voter’s minds to enhance the prospects of a particular candidate. Worse, all of it is believed to have been pulled off by none other than cold war rivals Russia.

So while all of this underscores how detrimental Facebook can be to our own privacy, many have gone on to suggest it is time we do away with Facebook as a whole. This again brings to fore the other logical question, if that is at all possible.

To put things straight, quitting Facebook is not easy. That is because the extent to which the social media has intruded in our personal lives. It has become the favorite place to show off, whether it’s anything new that users have bought or a new place they have been to. Putting images of those on Facebook has always been a priority.

In fact, sharing one’s thoughts, words and deeds on Facebook has been the raging trend over the years, and the same continues unabated even today. It has become so intricately associated with our lives that users have often been found to look at things from a Facebook perspective. Users have been found to do things that make it easy to share on Facebook while it has often been found users searching for the proverbial ‘like’ button even while reading an article on a newspaper or a magazine.

Imagine letting go of all these habits inculcated over the years at one go and users would have an idea of how big an ask that would be. Add to that the whole lot of services and companies that have linked up with Facebook.

In fact, it has almost become a must for companies to have a presence at Facebook to let another known of their products and services.

Further, with Facebook being the most happening space in the virtual world, it is only natural for companies to set up their own space on the site. It has even become one of the most preferred places for clients to voice their concerns or suggestions and companies too make it a point to pay heed to those.

Facebook too has been quick to pounce on the trend and have made using its services and features all the more convenient and fun. That includes the ability to share live videos, create polls, organize events or even order food right from the social media site itself. On the whole, connecting with others has never been this easy and fun, cutting across barriers of geography, creed or race.

All of this makes quitting Facebook at one go super tough. After all, it has become a habit of sorts, or in other words, users have grown in tandem with the site so that using it comes naturally to even kids.

However, with so much of information, be it personal or otherwise getting shared on Facebook, that no doubt makes a lucrative target for many.

As such, using it with some caution is the best option that users can go for under the circumstances.

That includes befriending only those who are known to the person. Sharing content with some caution is also advisable so that just about anybody doesn’t get access to user’s personal lives. Further, privacy settings too should be used to the hilt to ensure every possible means has been exercised to ensure the user’s privacy is adhered to at all times.

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