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OnePlus 6 Wi-Fi specs gets leaked at Wi-Fi Alliance website

The OnePlus 6 is making its presence felt with alarming regularity, with the latest being its specifications getting leaked by the Wi-Fi certification site, Wi-Fi Alliance. Of course, there isn’t a whole lot of information that has come to the fore though there is quite something to be known of the wireless capabilities of the upcoming flagship killer device.

Described by the model name OnePlus A6003, the phone is shown to have dual-band Wi-Fi just as its predecessor OnePlus 5T did. The phone is also shown to run Android Oreo, version 8.1.0 with firmware version Oxygen 5.1.0, the latter again being the same as OnePlus 5T. Further, OnePlus 6 will be using the newest WCN3990 Wi-Fi modem from Qualcomm.

The above leak the credit for which goes to Twitter leak artist Roland Quandt does not reveal much else of the phone though. That said, we do have a fairly good idea of what to expect of the upcoming device, which includes its design as well as internal build.

It has only been a few weeks ago that we got to know the phone will be one more among Android handsets to feature the now familiar notch at the top. In fact, that the revelation came from one other than the OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei does make it nothing short of an official confirmation of the design language the phone will adopt.

In fact, the company also seems to be jittery of the phone not likely getting good positive response given the general dislike among users towards the notch design. Even the iPhone X that started the trend hasn’t proved to be as popular as its makers expected and the notch is one reason cited for that. CEO Pete Lau trying to justify the notch can be seen as pacifying company fans before the phone eventually launches.

Also, while still on the launch of the phone, the company might be contemplating an early release of the phone itself. That likely is the reason the OnePlus 5T has already been discontinued in some markets including the US. Worth noting, the CEO had earlier notified the launch schedule of the OnePlus 6 around June.

OnePlus 6 image reveals a notched display like that of the Apple iPhone X

The rest of the specification known of the phone include a Snapdragon 845 chipset with storage options of 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB.