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Apple CEO Tim Cook rules out merger of iOS and macOS

Apple CEO Tim Cook has categorically denied rumors of an impending merger of its macOS and iOS platforms. Cook said both are designed with a specific segment in mind and just doesn’t warrant being merged, even if that makes better business sense.

The above statement couldn’t have been made at a more opportune moment given that he was at the Apple event at Chicago when he spelled out his views on this. Also, the event marked the launch of the new iPad version compatible with Apple Pencil. The new iPad also symbolizes Apple’s renewed push to attain a greater share of the education market.

Cook further said the reason why both the iOS and macOS should co-exist is that they both cater to different segments and are tailor-made for that functionality. As such, bringing the two together will mean compromises to be made as the merged OS would then be more tuned to offer a best-case-scenario of sorts for both segments together rather than providing an individual experience.

Cook also went on to elaborate how he relies on an iPad when at home but when at work; it’s a Mac that suits him best. The chief executive, however, said it’s only an iPad that accompanies him when traveling.

The above revelation meanwhile contradicts another school of thought that propagated earlier that an eventual merger of Apple’s two platforms is on the cards. As proof, there was their rumor that claimed Apple is in the process of developing tools that would facilitate developers in creating apps for both iOS and macOS devices. Maybe that is still on track given that developing such apps won’t require the two operating systems to come together.

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Interestingly, Cooks comments come at a time when the other tech major and long-time Apple rival, Microsoft is believed to be on its last legs in offering a unified Windows OS that would be equally at ease on the PC and tablet environment. Perhaps mobile devices too would figure in that list sometime in future as well given the sheer scale of the mobile segment where the Redmond giant is a non-player at the moment.