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Apple in trouble with iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus bugs

Apple’s frontline iPhone X seems to have hit a rough patch, what with some users claiming facing issues with Face ID. Accordingly, the company has also updated its repair policy for the flagship device so that the Apple Authorized Service Providers and Apple Stores are now allowed to perform a full unit replacement of the phone if repairs prove ineffective.

Strangely, issues with Face ID feature or the True Depth system is being linked to the dual lens rear camera setup on the iPhone X. It is not known for sure what could be the common link between the two though it is likely both the systems draw on the same A11 Bionic Chip neural engine in a manner where one could be dependent on the other. That the matter is of hardware origin is also amply clear, with a software update isn’t likely to be the desired solution for this.

Apple has also advised its support staff to attempt a repair of the rear camera for any iPhone X unit that is reported to be having issues with Face ID. The support division has even been authorized to replace a faulty iPhone X with a brand new one just in case the issue proves to be irreparable.

Meanwhile, Apple is also having to deal with microphone issues affecting iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users. However, it is relatively a small numbers of users who have reported facing problems with the mic. Another common ground with the mic issue is that all affected models run iOS 11.3 or higher versions.

As has been revealed, the microphone problem has to do with the speaker button getting grayed out during calls. Some users also said they weren’t being heard at the other end during a call or FaceTime video chats. As an initial remedy, users are being asked to disconnect or power off all Bluetooth devices or other audio devices attached to the affected phones.

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If this fails to solve the problem, the phone might require a full-fledged repair, which sort of pins the blame on the iOS 11.3 update to have caused the microphone related hardware to malfunction. This also brings up the potentially contentious issue of repair costs for out of warranty devices. Though not explicitly stated, Apple might waive such repair costs as well. All in all, malfunctioning of Apple so called perfect devices is creating tremendous pressure on its credibility.