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WhatsApp for iOS now enabled to play Instagram and Facebook videos

WhatsApp rolled out a new update that makes it possible for users to watch Instagram and Facebook videos right within the messaging app. The feature has become a reality thanks to the latest update that bumps the version number to 2.18.51.

Also, the above feature only applies to the iOS version of WhatsApp. There is no word yet when the same is set to be rolled out for Android though this could just be a matter of time for the update arriving on the Google-owned platform as well.

The above update can also be considered to be in line with Facebook’s continued focus on videos as the new growth engine. In lieu with that, WhatsApp was earlier enabled to play back YouTube videos within the app. This ensured users got to watch YouTube videos from right within the messaging platform without having to switch to YouTube for the same.

Now with the facility extended to cover Instagram and Facebook videos as well, users will be saved from having to launch the respective apps to watch videos from either sources. This essentially makes for a lot of convenience for users to watch and share videos within the Facebook family comprising of the core Facebook app as well as Instagram and WhatsApp. Inclusion of YouTube within the framework makes sense considering that it happens to be the biggest repository of online videos in the world.

However, while WhatsApp being opened to videos from more sources, no doubt adds to user convenience, many suspects if that is at the cost of reduced levels of encryption and less of privacy. Jan Khoum’s surprise exit from WhatsApp is also fueling such a rumor.

Meanwhile, the latest update also comes with a few other features as well, including greater support for group chatting. As such, users will now have the ability to add or revoke admin status for other users. Similarly, admins will also been accorded greater powers so that they can tinker with the description, icon or subject of an ongoing chat.