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Google upgrading Google Drive storage plans to Google One

Google today announced the launch of its new Google One service which happens to be a one-stop window for all its storage plans. So while Google One brings together all of the company’s storage plans, including resurrecting dead ones, this will also allow users to have easy access to Google’s live support as well.

Storage plans start at $2.99 which will let users have 200 GB of storage. While this happens to be a new plan, the same that offered 1 TB of storage has been scrapped. Taking its place is a new 2 TB plan that will cost $9.99 which is the same as the 1 TB plan but has the storage doubled.

The 10, 20, and 30 TB plans remain unchanged though. That includes $99.99 per month for 10 TB while 20 TB of space will cost $199.99. Similarly, a monthly payment of $299.99 will let users have access to 30 TB of storage. Similarly, the basic free plan too has been kept the same, the one which lets users have access to 15 GB of storage to those using Google services.

Google is also introducing family plans that will allow the user to share his or her storage with up to five members. That way, each member of the family will also be entitled to their own private storage though the storage quota will remain the same.

The transition to Google One from the existing Google Drive will, however, be a gradual one with users in the US among the first to be upgraded to the new standard. The same will then be rolled out to other international markets in a phased manner. Google said users will be served email notices informing them of the transition before any change is affected.

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Also, the manner in which Google Drive is being used to store and share documents too will continue to be the same. G Suite clients will be kept immune from all the developments under Google One.