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What to expect from Apple WWDC 2018?

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference is just weeks away, and the rumor machines are wildly speculating all that is likely to be in the offing. Here is a quick compilation of everything that is expected from this year’s WWDC event that is slated to run from June 4 till June 8.

iOS 12: First and foremost, the Developer’s conference is all about software, and it almost is a surety that new iteration of Apple’s mobile platform will be getting the lion’s share of all the attention. This perhaps is more applicable given the numerous bugs the iOS 11 has had, which also points to the new iOS 12 to have a heavy focus on security and safety.

Also, of course, there is going to be some new features added as well, which included a new and improved Face ID. The authentication technology has not been without its share of shortcomings and Apple will no doubt want to fix as many of those as possible given that Face ID has been adopted as the primary authentication technology after ditching Touch ID. And among the planned upgrades for better functionality, there might also be one to allow for the feature to work even in horizontal mode.

A more comprehensive line-up of Animoji too is on the cards, along with maybe its inclusion in the iPad devices as well. Plus there might be new AR related features added too given the current craze for AR/VR among the tech firms.

MacOS: The Apple operating system for Mac devices has been another concern for the company so far as security is concerned. Case in point: the infamous bug that allowed users to log into a Mac device even without a password. While that has since been covered, Apple will no doubt be careful to prevent a repeat of any such.

However, that again shouldn’t rule out the rollout of new features; and the most anticipated is the one that will allow iOS apps to run on a Mac.

watchOS: The other Apple platform that is gaining prominence is the watchOS, and it likely will be getting a lot of attention during the WWDC event. However, not much is known what could be in the offing though there might be a renewed focus on health and fitness as has been over the last few quarters. That includes increased functionality for Apple’s HealthKit as among the major upgrades along with maybe new watch faces or other UI tweaks among the more minor improvements.

Siri: The Apple smart digital assistant has also spilled the beans here on what to expect at the WWDC. That includes a new voice for the assistant while the system too is set for a thorough overhaul so that there is a jump in its IQ levels. At least that is what Siri is claiming, along with a new shiny home as well, which likely points to the launch of a new HomePod too.

tvOS: With its television specific operating system, Apple is expected to continue with its efforts to more tightly integrate the same with its HomeKit platform. That apart, tvOS will also likely be tied up with AirPlay 2 which itself might get multi-room speaker feature.

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The WWDC event will be held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, with the keynote address at 4 June at 10 am (PT).