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Lenovo Z5 first all screen, 4 TB, 45 days standby coming on June 5

Lenovo is all set to unveil its latest mobile wonder, the Z5 on June 5. The date might be deliberate to let it rhyme with the actual product through the big deal here is the likely features the phone is expected to come with.

That includes a world-beating 95 percent screen to body ratio which no doubt will be the new benchmark so far as smartphone displays are concerned. And to achieve those stupendous figures, bezel depth has to be almost negligible on all sides, which the company VP Chang Cheng has claimed it really is. While it remains to be seen if the company can really achieve that, anything even near to it will be a feat in itself.

A true all-screen front again isn’t the only trump card Lenovo has with the new Z5. Rather, Cheng said their upcoming flagship will have four technological breakthroughs to boast, which again is powered by at least 18 patented technologies. Cheng, however, hasn’t spelled out what those breakthrough are but said the phone will have on offer 4 TB of storage space. It’s not known if this happens to be one of the breakthroughs, but that much of storage on a mobile is in itself a novelty.

Cheng meanwhile also hinted the Z5 will have about 45 days of standby times, which could be another of the four tech breakthroughs that would come to define the new Z5. That again would be a world-beating stuff considering that anything near to the 10-hour mark for a top-end smartphone backup time is considered excellent. To better that more than four times over can be considered a huge feat.

The last breakthrough is, however, a mystery at the moment with Cheng dropping hint what it is likely to be. This considering that an all-screen display, 4 TB of storage along with 45 days standby times are the other three breakthroughs Cheng boasted of.

The rest of the specifications is again anybody’s guess at the moment. That includes the likely processor the phone will have at its core or the RAM strength. The current craze happens to be the Snapdragon 845 though it is no secret that it sips more power to fuel its enhanced processing prowess.

The likely placement of the front-facing cam is another aspect that the tech world will be looking forward to considering that the usual place it is accommodated on a smartphone is taken up by the display. A few line drawing of the phone has also been doing the rounds of the Chinese social circles, and those are mighty impressive too.

All of it no doubt makes the Z5 one of the most awaited smartphones of recent times, and it remains to be seen if it can really live up to all the hype it has created so far.