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Apple might incorporate USB-C port on iOS devices from 2019

Apple is reported to be considering a USB-C port on future iPhone and iPad devices. This, however, is rumor at best and the shift, if it eventually comes to that, would make for a significant transition for iOS devices considering that the lightning port has been standard fare on all iOS devices since 2012.

There also is a considerable debate if Apple would indeed adopt USB-C given how it nurtured the Lightning port so far and a sudden shift would mean the entire ecosystem of accessories based on the Lightning port would be rendered obsolete. Or else, this would give rise to a new generation of USB-C to Lightning dongles.

That said, the shift should still make a lot of sense given how USB-C has a much wider user base compared to the Lightning connectors. The whole range of accessories based on the USB-C port is far more extensive, which means adopting the port will be much less of a hassle for the users.

What’s more, Apple has also gone for the USB-C type ports on Mac range of devices. That means related accessories based on the port has also started to appear in the Apple world. This again is another factor that many believe could be the harbinger of the same port getting adopted on the iPhone and iPad as well.

However, notwithstanding all the benefits posed by the USB-C port over Apple’s proprietary Lightning connectors, it could still be at least 2019 for the former to be included in the iPhone and iPad. That also is quite understandable considering that Apple might already have completed the design phase of the year 2018 model iPhone devices that are slated for launch during fall.

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All of these rumors also comes in the backdrop of an earlier rumor that claimed Apple would bundle the new generation of iPhone devices with an 18-watt USB-C. Also, of course, the bundle will include a USB-C to Lightning dongle as well to allow the forthcoming iOS devices to make the most of the fast charging system.