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Oppo launches first all screen smartphone Find X

Today, Oppo announced the launch of its first all screen phone Find X at an event in Paris. This phone conforms to the trend for mobile phones in 2018 implying the efforts for increasing the screen size and including as many features possible in the device.

The Find X has been developed with a combination of many trendy ideas in unison with several new tricks for fitting a humongous 6.4-inch display into a phone. Oppo has also emphasized on the space efficiency of the Find X which can be noted in the screen to body ratio estimated to be 93.8 percent.

The most appealing feature that has been identified in the design of Find X is the camera system that is not revealed unless the phone is on or the camera app is opened. Upon switching on the Find X and opening the camera application, the top section of the device motorizes up to reveal the camera system.

It is essential to observe that the camera system comprises a dual rear cameras with 16 and 20 megapixel, a front facing camera of 25 megapixel and a 3D facial scanning system. When the camera app of the phone is closed, the camera system retraces back into the chassis of the phone. According to Oppo, the camera system takes almost 0.5 seconds for opening up.

With a unique design characterized by rounded corners and curved sides and a vibrant OLED panel for display as well as curved glass featured on the front as well as the back of the phone, the Find X could serve as a promising addition to the list of breakthrough mobile devices launched in 2018. The Find X utilizes a 3D facial scanner for authentication which is unique for a high-end Android phone.

The specifications of Find X include 8GB of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and storage extended up to 256 GB. The Find X includes a 3,730 mAh battery characterized with the feature of Oppo’s VOOC fast wired charging. Regarding software, the Find X utilizes Android 8.1 Oreo supported by Oppo’s Color OS customizations. Color OS is based on ideas derived from Samsung’s spin on Android as well as the iOS.

Owing to Global LTE compatibility, Find X could become the first phone of Oppo to be sold €999 in Europe and North America as compared to the existing sales of Oppo that are limited to India, the Philippines, China and other Asian countries. Shipment will start from August.