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Instagram launches YouTube’s true rival called IGTV

Going after the popularity of the videos over YouTube, Instagram has launched its very own standalone app capable of long videos along with the vertical video option to direct the YouTube generation to gather towards a whole new platform. This flagship app shall automatically start with vertical videos when you click on the videos uploaded by the people you follow combined with several personalized recommendations extracted from different segments and profiles at Instagram.

According to Kevin Systrom, Instagram CEO, the app has been designed to cater ease of use for viewers to watch lengthy videos. On a concept working similar to television where you can start with videos playing automatically as soon as you open it, the IGTV comes as a powerful application for Instagram to display advertisements and videos for the users.

IGTV allows the users to upload their videos directly into Instagram with videos that can be as long as 10 minutes to start extending all the way to an hour.

However, it is unclear whether the longer videos shall include advertisements or if the creators shall be paid in a way similar to YouTube for their video content. The videos on Instagram shall be available in portrait mode for the better visual experience.

Currently, Instagram app allows you to post a maximum of 60-second video along with the Instagram Stories that last only 24 hours before getting expired where you only have a limit of 15 seconds.

IGTV work as a standalone app along with an existence in the homepage of the users. IGTV introduces a whole new way for users to upload videos via desktop. As per Kevin, IGTV shall house more engaging as well as emotional videos.

IGTV have its own set of regulations with guidelines to remove any kind of nude, violent, hateful, or any discriminatory content.

Not every video uploaded on IGTV shall be approved before uploading with regards to the video content.

Creators cannot post live videos over IGTV, as of now. However, pre-shot videos can easily be uploaded on the same. With a swipe motion, the users can pick to watch a video of their choice on this new addition to Instagram.

The app is available on iOS and Android.