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LG to fit 5 cameras in the LG V40 just like Gillette did in Fusion Razor

Phone manufacturers have always been competing with each other leading to some of the notable innovations from smaller companies such as OnePlus and Huawei as well as Samsung and Apple always in the limelight. The launch of the LG V30 in October did not work out well for LG with customers expressing concerns regarding the cameras and OLED display. This led to the development of the LG V30S and LG V35.

Desperate times require desperate measures, and as Gillette did when its competitor launched 4 blades razor, LG is about to create ripples in the smartphone industry in the coming months by introducing the true successor to the V30, the LG V40. The report illustrated findings from a source that suggested LG’s plans for introducing the LG V40 with five cameras. Huawei has already introduced this feat in its P20 Pro which had three cameras.

Psently, there is no specific assumption regarding how the third camera on the LG phone would look. In the case of the P20 Pro, one of the cameras is normal while another one is equipped with a monochrome sensor and the third has a telephoto lens. While it is clear that the V40 would feature five cameras with two on the front and the rear, the air of uncertainty over the selection of the third camera does create confusion.

The traditional design adopted in LG phones implements a combination of a normal camera with an ultra-wide angle shooter. Therefore it is expected that the V40 would follow the traditional design. However, the most plausible move, in this case, could be realized by using a telephoto lens which could help portrait mode alongside completing the holy trinity of lenses as termed by photographers. This would facilitate substantial flexibility in zooming for the raison d’être of the V-series, i.e., videographers.

Similar to its successor V30 that resembled a larger manifestation of the G6 in major aspects, the V40 is slated to be similar in design to the G7 ThinQ. The V40 would also feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor as well as a notched display. Even though the design of the camera system on the V40 is not yet clear, the front camera system would include either one or both of the front cameras being used for unlocking the phone with facial recognition.

According to the setup process described by the source, the front camera system could have a stereo configuration will allow recording of a 3D map of the face albeit without any confirmation regarding the same. The other features which could be expected in the LG V40 include the Google Assistant button, fingerprint scanner on the rear alongside maintaining the Quad DAC functionality.