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Instagram is now allowing users to ask questions on Stories

Instagram is in the news again, and this time for having added a nice feature that many believe should have been there right from the beginning. This time, it is about posing a question in Stories that other will be able to answer.

The question asked shows right on the Stories with the user having the option to answer it within the text box provided for the same. Better still, there are no specific limit for users to keep themselves confined to when expressing their thoughts.

The feature is however still in the process of being rolled out en masse so that not all have got the said feature showing on their devices. A few users though have confirmed their version of Instagram is allowing them to pose queries on Stories. The roll out also seems to be quite sporadic region wise as some users as far apart as Indonesia and Italy have said they have received the feature.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much clarity about how the feature works in reality. As such, it is still being speculated if the answers to the questions will be treated in the same manner as direct messages or Instagram would treat them differently. That there are no cap on the response that can be made can be seen as another plus even though those are likely to be cryptic at best to add to the fun factor. After all, the Stories itself have a shelf life of just 24-hours.

Instagram meanwhile has been hogging tech headlines off late for some nice reasons. Those include the introduction of the new IGTV app as well as a new Lite app designed for entry level smartphones. Plus, there already was the provision for users to add music to their Stories. As a refresher, the provision to add yes/no polls have already been there, as is the much-loved emoji slider and all.

In light of the above developments, it seems the Facebook-owned company is hell-bent on achieving a decisive edge over rivals Snapchat at a time when the latter has been gaining a steady stream of Facebook deserters. Facebook, it seems is hoping to make up for the loss by pushing Instagram as the alternative destination for the young generation.