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Apple designing a new Apple Map app to better compete with Google Maps

Apple has said it is in the process of introducing a thorough overhaul of its mapping application to better compete with the likes of Google Maps.

Needless to say, the Google map app happens to be one of the most used on the planet and offers pretty accurate results in most parts of the world.

In contrast, Apple can be seen to be a struggler right from the start when it first introduced its map application six years ago.

In fact, Apple Map has been known more for its inaccuracies than otherwise even though the app has been improving off late.

However, Apple now seems to have hit the fast-forward button in a big way and is not keen to play second fiddle to Google Maps anymore.

Apple, however, hasn’t stated what would be the changes introduced to its map app but ruled out the use of data from third-party sources to build the new app. Instead, the iPhone maker said it would be relying entirely on its own mapping data in designing the new app.

For the above, Apple also stated they would be using data from iPhone users but said the data would be collected anonymously. Further, to ensure user’s privacy is not compromised in any manner, the company also stated the info would be collected in segments so that it won’t have the complete picture of the user’s movements and all.

Apple is already known to maintain extremely high standards when it comes to respecting user’s privacy, and it should be least surprising the company is adhering to the same policy when it is about redesigning its map app. As of now, the focus is to develop an extremely accurate map app that can extensively cover the United States though the focus will no doubt shift elsewhere in the world during the latter stages.

Apart from collecting data from iPhone users in the US, there also are vans equipped with social gadgets that too are plying the length and breadth of the country. Inputs from those will also be vital towards designing the new app.

There is no info though as to when we can expect the new app to make a landfall on user’s devices. That said, it could be pretty soon now that we have an official confirmation towards the launch of the new map app.