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Facebook testing new AR ads in the NewsFeed

Facebook said it is experimenting with new Augmented Reality based ads in the Newsfeed even though it’s going to apply to only US-based users at the moment. With the new feature, the social media company will no doubt allow for better means of engagement for the businesses with the users.

In effect, the new AR based ads would be much like the special filters that Snapchat is best known for. In fact, the new ad format would make the newsfeed as a virtual trial room where the users will get to have a much more personalized feel of the product before they get to buy it. In other words, users will have the option to see how say a sunglass or a necklace will look on a particular user.

This way, buyers will be better informed of the product than ever before while still sitting right in front of their devices. For a similar kind of feel and experience, buyers would otherwise have to visit the showroom to try out the thing on them. Such an engagement mode can be applied to almost to all e-commerce products so that maybe prospective buyers will get to see how to say a particular vase will look or merge with the surrounding that the user wishes to place it in.

All of this no doubt open up new avenues for the businesses to lure buyers into buying their stuff. Also with the buyers getting a more personalized feel of the stuff they intend to buy, there should be greater chances of more serious deals going through with buyers too feeling more confident in buying the products.

No wonder business too have been evincing keen interest in the new scheme of things. Several of the big names in the industry such as Sephora, Wayfair, and Pottery Barn have already confirmed their participation in Facebook’s AR ad program with more players expected to join in soon. Michael Kors happens to be the first of the lot to be testing out the new AR based ads where buyers get to see how the sunglasses would look on them before actually buying it.

Facebook had first indicated its interest in trying out AR based ads as a new means for the businesses to hook on to the masses. The company has already been pushing for the adoption of video-based ads and have also launched the new Video Creation kit where businesses get to create video ads using static images. The social media giant said their new found love for video ads are based on a new finding where such ads were found to be 77 percent more effective than ads using static images.

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Now with AR getting into the picture as well, users can expect convenient ways of sampling out a product before putting their money on it. No word though as to how soon the feature is going to be expanded to other parts of the world as well.