Home Technology Corning launches Gorilla Glass 6 with 2x Gorilla Glass 5 durability

Corning launches Gorilla Glass 6 with 2x Gorilla Glass 5 durability

Corning, the specialist glass maker that goes into the making of most smartphone devices announced they have developed a new glass which can withstand even 15 drops without suffering damages. Christened Gorilla Glass 6, company sources claimed, has been fabricated using completely new material which offers higher resistance towards accidental damage.

Explaining further, Corning engineers engaged with the development of Gorilla Glass 6 said the glass comprises of new materials that allow for significantly higher levels of compression than would have been possible with Gorilla Glass 5. Also, the composition of the new glass is such that it allows for a chemical treatment process that imparts it unmatched strength.

Also, of course, the Gorilla Glass 6 has been subjected to stringent quality and durability tests that ensure it can withstand higher levels of stress and strain that any of the previous iterations could do, including Gorilla Glass 5. Subsequent tests with the glass have proved that it is able to hold on to its own up to 15 times on average when dropped from a height of 1 meters.

This, Corning said is twice as good as Corning Glass 5.

In fact, the glassmaker said their tests showed about 77 percent of the Corning Glass 6 samples survived 20 drops. Each of the tests required the samples to be dropped from 1 meters, which is the usual height most people tend to drop their phones from. Corning said their tests are in line with the general human behavior where most drops have been known to have taken place from waist height.

The tests have also been carried out using samples that measured between 0.6- to 0.8-mm, which also is the usual thickness of glass used in most smartphones.

Gorilla Glass 5 has been used in more than 6 billion devices by over 46 major brands worldwide.

However, while the new Gorilla Glass 6 has proved to be considerably stronger than its predecessors, that isn’t the case so far as scratch resistance is concerned. Rather, the new glass has been found to be just as effective in resisting scratches as Gorilla Glass 5.