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Apple’s affordable iPhone rumored image shows thinner bezels

The latest speculation on the 6.1-inch iPhone model has it that the phone will sport what is being termed as the Full Active LCD that will have even thinner bezels all around. Further, the display can also be considered to be the fruits of Apple’s collaboration with Japan Pixels.

The salient feature of the upcoming affordable iPhone is that it also boasts touch sensors christened Japan Pixel Eyes. The incorporation of the new touch sensor technology is also the reason manufacturers can go for bezels as low as just 0.5mm. That again makes for a significant improvement over the 1mm bezel of the current iPhone X.

The above is also corroborated by a new image leak purported to be that of the iPhone 9 and which shows the bezels to be almost non-existent.

That said, expecting the iPhone 9 to sport thinner bezels can also be considered to be quite contradictory to a few previous reports that claimed the budget iPhone version would in fact come with larger bezels.

Among those who believe the new iPhone 9 to have larger bezels include Ben Geskin and Ice Universe. Both are respected figures when it comes to making prior revelations. For instance, Ben Geskin has been the first to report on the iPhone X before its launch last year. Ice Universe, in turn, is credited for successfully leaking the Samsung Galaxy flagship phones for the last three years.

That makes it interesting to see if the iPhone 9 will indeed have thinner bezels or it is going to be larger than that.

Meanwhile, the Full Active LCDs too is without its shortcomings given the high failure rates of the display panels when subjected to mass manufacturing. That also is the reason the iPhone 9 is being rumored to take longer to reach markets. While all three iPhone devices are expected to be launched in September followed by their market debuts within weeks, the iPhone 9 is speculated to hit streets not before October.

The wait might be well worth it though if the affordable iPhone version indeed sports a stylized look characterized by thin bezels and so on.