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Google rolls out YouTube dark theme for Android users

The dark theme that we all knew is coming to the Android, and iOS versions of the YouTube app is finally here. In fact, the same has already been available for iOS users though its good to seen Android too has now joined the party.

Google, however, didn’t go to town trumpeting the rolling out of the new feature. That is understandable considering that it’s a minor update. Instead, the feature is getting applied on its own. There also is a pop up that appears at the bottom that serves to notify users of the new setting being applied automatically. Users can also dismiss the pop up as well which again is sort of consenting to the new setting being kept. Then, of course, there is also the option to turn it off as well.

Or just in case users undergo a change in mind, they can also invoke the dark theme manually. Doing that is easy as one will just have to reach to the Settings page followed by the General section. There below the ‘Digital Well being’s Remind me to take a broken feature lies the new Dark theme. Toggling the same will set it on or off as desired.

Worth mentioning, the dark theme was first introduced in the web version after the feature first debuted last March. Goggle then had promised the same would be made available on iOS and Android versions of the app as well and its good to see the promise has been kept.

The look has however been kept consistent on all three versions, with the display adopting a darker shade in place of the otherwise white background. The look though is more of a dark gray shade than being completely black. That applies to all the visible regions including the search page, settings section, and everywhere else, including even the video place holder which now is completely black until the video starts streaming.

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Lastly, the feature is still being rolled out, which means it could be sometime before it becomes visible to all users.