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Google Home schedule feature is now a reality post the latest update

Google Home smart speaker is now able to schedule things, something that was due ever since the feature was announced during the company’s I/O conference held earlier this year. What that means is that users will now be able to set a date and time in the future for the speaker to carry out a single or a specific set of tasks.

The feature is however still being rolled out and could be some more days for it to show up on user’s devices, if it hasn’t already, that is. Users can check if their device has already been upgraded to the next higher level. Here are the steps:

Users will have first to launch the Google Home app followed by opening ‘Settings’ > Routines option.

After that, one will have to tap on the ‘+’ button to create a new routine. Once past that, users will get to see the option – ‘Set a time and day (optional)’ which is an indication of the app already been updated to include the latest Schedules feature as well.

This way, a user will have the option to create a specific setting anytime in future. That can be like setting the room lights to a dim setting along with a few other options like asking a particular song to be played during a specific time when the user perhaps is expected to reach home. This way, the user would be greeted by a familiar setting when home, which otherwise would have to be done at the specific time only.

Google earlier during its I/O event had announced the custom routine and schedules feature. Custom routines have already been available for some time now and allow users to club together a set of tasks to a single command. So once the use utters the specific commands, all the tasks sets for it would be executed at once and saves users from executing those individually.

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Scheduling too is similar but allows the users to set such tasks for the future, thus enhancing the scope of the smart speaker even more. And it’s really good to see that happening soon enough.