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WhatsApp announced group calling for voice and video

WhatsApp has introduced a new group voice and video calling feature that would enable the user to interact with three other contacts at the same time. The feature is now being rolled out all over the world simultaneously and applies to both the iOS and Android versions of the app.

Using the new feature is also as easy as it can get. All that the user has to do is initiate a video or voice call with any contact. After that, there would be an ‘Add Participant’ button at the top right corner of the display. Tapping on that will enable the user to add two more contacts to the chat. In other words, there is a four-person limit that applies to the chat interactions.

WhatsApp meanwhile also assured its users all calls, whether be it video or voice are always end-to-end encrypted similar to the way the standard message feature is protected. The company also stated the feature is going to work even when internet connectivity isn’t near ideal conditions but should be enough to allow the user to get online.

Parent firm Facebook had first made the announcement about the group calling feature being worked upon during its F8 conference. That was in May, and a few months down the line, the feature is already a reality. WhatsApp apart, Facebook had then stated the group calling facility would be coming to Instagram as well. However, the photo and video sharing site has been the first to get the feature though the four-person limit is applicable there as well.

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The calling feature, however, isn’t anything new considering that voice calling has been available on WhatsApp since 2014. Two years down the line, video calling too was introduced to the messaging platform. Another two years and the company is now enabling users to engage in a group voice and video calling as well. And with the over 1.5 billion monthly active users, there sure will be no dearth of users making the most of it too.