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Apple to start preorder of 2018 iPhones on Sept 14

Now that we have a fairly good idea of the nitty-gritty of the upcoming iPhone range, the last missing piece of the puzzle happens to be its launch schedule. And we now seem to have that too, all thanks to a German website Macerkopf that is claiming the upcoming iPhone range will be up for pre-orders starting Sept. 14.

The site did not specify where it got the info from, except that it received the tip from two German carriers. While there is little to doubt the above claim given that both the carriers are said to be laying the groundwork for the launch of the next-gen iPhones, the above schedule also gives us a rough estimate about the launch of the 2018 iPhone line-up.

With pre-orders getting underway on Sept. 14, what seems most probable for Apple to formally announce the new iPhone range is on Sept. 11 or 12. The same schedule also matches well with Apple’s past instances of iPhone launches given that those have usually been held on the second week of September, specifically on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. In fact, it has been since 2012 that Apple has been announcing its new iPhone range during the first half of September with the device getting shipped around the third week of the month.

The current gen iPhone 8 got to see the light of day on Sept. 12, 2017, followed by the pre-order process kicking off on Sept. 14. Shipping started the next week itself, on Sept. 22. Now with the rumor mills pegging the pre-order date for the next-gen iPhone devices on Sept. 14, what seems likely is that Apple would be largely following a similar launch schedule this year itself.

That would make Sept. 12 as the date that is most likely to be the day when the iPhones are announced, with pre-ordering getting started two days later. Maybe the shipping schedule too would be adhered to, with the 2018 model iPhones reaching store shelves a week later.


However, the estimated shipping schedule might not apply to the entry-level 6.1-inch iPhone that would come with an LCD panel. Instead, it could be October for the device to reach stores given rumors of Apple facing issues producing the LCD in decent numbers. Last heard, the LCD screen features an innovative backlighting technology but has also been leaking light, which is the reason the device might end up launching on October. However, the 6.1-inch iPhone is still expected to be announced with its other 2018 iPhone brethren on the same date. We will have to wait for a few more weeks for the real pictures to emerge.