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Apple reportedly working on a new MacBook Air and Mac Mini for launch soon

Apple’s Mac range of laptops is set for a revamp what with rumors claiming the company readying a new low-cost MacBook Air for launch sometime soon. That, of course, isn’t all as there is a new Mac Mini reported to be in the works as well, one that will be focused at the professionals.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of information available of the upcoming devices though what is known is that the new MacBook Air will have slimmer bezels all around. The laptop will, however, continue with the same 13-inch of ‘Retina’ display which should make the device portable enough to allow lugging it around with ease.

That again is well in line with the sort of usage its intended clientele is expected to put the laptop to. Aimed primarily at the educational segment with school and college kids being among its primary user base. That also points to the new laptop coming across as a cheaper alternative than any other in the MacBook range.

No other details of the upcoming new MacBook Air is available though, which includes its internal specs and such. A probable launch window too is anybody’s guess at the moment though with competitors already having lined up viable alternatives for the student community, Apple too would like to have its offering ready soon enough. Worth mentioning, Microsoft has earlier launched the new 10-inch Surface Go hybrid laptop which starts at $399.

Meanwhile, the humble Mac Mini too is set to receive a makeover, one that is intended to make the device tempting enough for the professionals. However, the new Mini shouldn’t be expected to be as compact as the current model. Instead, experts predict the device will increase in size all around to ensure it has all the bells and whistles to appeal to the professionals.

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Again, there are no benchmarks here to base our assumptions on though what is almost a surety is that the new Mini will be among the most powerful in its class. Also, the upcoming Mini should be just opposite to the new MacBook Air when it comes to the respective pricing strategy. While the MacBook Air is going to be a built-to-a-cost device, the new Mini should have a no-holds-barred approach when it comes to the cost.