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Facebook to introduce users to strangers if they have common preferences

Facebook is keen to add a new dimension to its avowed motto of connecting people, with a new feature now being tested aiming to introduce people to even strangers if they have something common in between them. So, if there is a match between people, be it in the form of a comment made for a common cause or a similarity in likes and dislikes, Facebook will exhibit tags highlighting the factor that links them both.

Those can be like both having attended the same high school, or both are members of the same group and so on. Comments made on public posts too qualify for striking up a friendship with a stranger. Such a feature isn’t completely new though as the social media site already exhibits common likes. Those again can be for a product or a personality and so on and there are mentions of the fact that a few members from the users’ friends have similar preferences.

In that sense, the new feature now under test by Facebook can be considered to be a further expansion of the above also to include those members who aren’t in the user’s friends list. And it is here that the feature can be considered a bit controversial as having strangers in the friend’s list can have its own ramifications leading to other complications and such.

Also, while that can be a topic of debate, Facebook has also stated the feature is still being tested and is available to only a small group of users in the US. Further, not all features that are tested at Facebook have matured to become part of the company’s official flagship app.

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Meanwhile, the social site has also clarified it is the only information that the users have put up for public viewing that would be shown. At the same time, anything that is kept hidden will be treated as such and won’t be accessible to anyone. This no doubt is an attempt to allay fears among users of their private details getting exposed to others, including strangers.