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Google Pixel 3 XL leaked again from a Lyft car with no Pixel watch coming this year

Leaks and rendering of a yet unreleased product are usually highly revered as those provide an early glimpse of what’s in the offing. That for the upcoming Google Pixel 3 XL is turning out to be a joke of sorts given the amazing regularity with which the phone is getting revealed, and in some of the most unusual manner as well.

Take for instance the recent development wherein the Pixel 3 XL has been found – of all places – on a Lyft car. The model is a question happens to be a pre-production unit. The credit for the latest revelation goes to the particular Lyft driver who found the phone lying on the back seat after having dropped off a few passengers.

Being referred to as the Anonymous Alligator for the purpose of describing the leak, the phone turned out to be, much to Alligator’s surprise, the Pixel 3 XL that is yet to be formally launched. Initially, Alligator presumed it to be his own Pixel 2 XL though, with the notch on top and the Google logo at the rear, it became immediately clear the phone is none else than the Pixel 3 XL.

Anonymous Alligator also promptly returned the phone to its rightful owner, but that was not before he snapped a few images of the phone. And from the images that eventually landed up on the world wide web, the tell-tale signs of Google’s upcoming flagship are evident right away.

That includes the quite prominent notch at the top accommodating the dual front cameras. That likely points to a significant upgrade over the single lens 8-megapixel f/2.4 selfie camera that the Pixel 2 XL features. Interestingly, while Google found the zeal to pack in a dual lens front camera, the rear continues with a single lens set up which defies the current trend where dual lens (or even more) is more in vogue at the moment.

As a refresher, we have already seen a Pixel 3 XL getting leaked and unboxed by leaksters in Russia and Ukraine. With that too believed to be pre-production units, it makes us wonder just how many of the Pixel 3 XLs have got misplaced so far. Or when is the next time the phone is getting leaked and in what manner.

Meanwhile, in another related development, Google has confirmed they don’t have a Pixel smartwatch due for launch this year. This contradicts an earlier report wherein it was being speculated Google will have a Pixel watch for launch during its October event that is slated to launch the new Pixel 3 range of phones. Instead, Google said their priority right now is to help its partners launch a new smartwatch running the new Wear OS.