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Microsoft to refresh every Surface device with no hope for mobile users

Microsoft has an event lined up tomorrow, the 2nd October at the New York City and the rumor mills, not surprisingly are at their best trying to predict what to expect.Unfortunately, there aren’t many surprises to be expected given that its incremental upgrades over current products that likely will be launched tomorrow.

Those include the Surface laptop 2 and the Surface Pro 6, both of which at the most should come with a spec bump over existing models. For the Surface Laptop 2, that applies to the minimum memory count to be set at 8 GB along with 128 gigs of storage. Then there should be a Core i5 processor as well on the least priced model of the Surface Laptop 2.

As for the Surface Pro 6, it still could be a 4 GB RAM for the base entry-level model along with Intel Core M3 processor. That way, the base Surface Pro 6 should appeal to the price conscious buyers though that surely will come at the cost of performance, to some extent at least.

Interestingly, Microsoft chose to name the fifth gen Surface Pro device simply as the Surface Pro and not Surface Pro 5. It remains to be seen if it is going to refer to its successor as the Surface Pro 6 or it has something else in mind.

Meanwhile, the other big disappointment associated with the upcoming Surface iterations include the exclusion of the USB-C ports on the flagship devices. With Microsoft having included the USB-C port on both Surface Book 2 and Surface Go, it was being widely speculated the latest iterations of Surface Pro and Surface Laptop series too would be benefitting from the same. However, a new leak has claimed Microsoft is sticking to the same mini DisplayPort and Surface Connector port for the new Surface devices as well.

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Meanwhile, another change to be expected with the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop is a black color option for both. However, that again is likely to apply to only the top-end model. The rest of the details unfolds tomorrow and there is no hope for mobile users this time as well.