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Apple iPad mystery device leaked online, shows bezel-less design

Apple, of course, isn’t done yet post the launch of the new iPhone seriesnew iPhone seriesnew iPhone series. For there is the new iPad Pro waiting in the wings for launch soon; and from the leaked images that have come to the fore, the new iPad will have the biggest makeover the tablet has ever had post its inception back in 2013.

That said, the new design again isn’t too surprising considering that Apple’s love-hate relationship with bezels is all too well known. Every subsequent launch of the iPad has witnessed the bezel getting shrunk ever so slightly though this time, it might be completely non-existent.

As per leaks that has invaded the online space, the new upcoming iPad will have zero bezels all round which is much along the lines of the new iPhone. What is also interesting with the new iPad design is that there isn’t also the controversial notch at the top; controversial since the particular design feature might have the backing of some though many have expressed their displeasure for the same.

With the bezel gone, it is all but natural the Home button too has been given the boot, which means the Touch ID feature too will have the same fate. This again was being widely speculated with analysts claiming Apple integrating Face ID tech on future generation iPad devices. However, with the leaked shots showing no notch as such, how future iPad devices are going to implement user authentication is something that remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the leak also mentions there being two size options that the future iPad is going to be available in, those being 11-inch and 12.9 inches. The particular sizes thus leaked also makes one wonder if the particular design is going to be applicable for only the iPad Pro version or if the regular iPad too will exhibit the same bezel-less design.

These apart, the other aspects currently being associated with the upcoming new gen iPad include the lack of 3.5mm headphone jack, something that again is not too unrealistic given how Apple has shunned the headphone jack on iPhone already. Also, the iPad might finally come with the USB Type-C ports that fans have been clamoring for quite some time.


Meanwhile, the future iPad is also expected to come with a new version of Apple Pencil, one that might be Bluetooth enabled for communicating with the tablet. New AirPods too can’t be ruled out, as can be made out from the several new devices that Apple registered with the ministry of industry and information technology in China. Other details of the upcoming iPad is severely lacking at the moment.